Shirt Dress

by Jenny Liu in

Photos by Jen Tam

ANN TAYLOR tipped shirtdress - I love this shirt dress as well and see below for more great options /  J. CREW Everly Pumps (similar pair here) /  BENAH bag (also here) / DANIEL WELLINGTON Classic Sheffield watch / thrift shop braided skinny belt (similar) / Joe Fresh sunglasses / ESTEE LAUDER Signature lipstick in Rich Red

Shirt dresses have all the femininity of a dress plus the sophistication and properness of a button up shirt. Scroll through below for some great shirt dresses that I found online. I have my eye on this one and this one in particular.

By the way, is anyone else going through World Cup withdrawal? I miss it a lot. We were gifted with a whole month of things like biting, sad Ronaldo, butt tearing, injured British physio, unfair penalties, good looking jerseys, the sickest goal keeping I've ever seen, and some crazy fun-to-watch games and then it was all over! Ahhh.


by Jenny Liu

Photos by Danny Liu (my little brother :)) 

Striped polo shirt, shorts, Zooey Deschanel x Tommy Hilfiger belt, lace up sneaker espadrilles, lobster tote - all c/o TOMMY HILFIGER / DANIEL WELLINGTON watch

Hello! Long time no see! Happy Canada Day! So, what's been going on? 

#1 Rule of Work Travel - I had the great opportunity to visit the Haida Gwaii for work. I met some great people, saw miles of stunning beaches with no people in sight, learned a lot about Aboriginal culture, and gained a better understanding of my company's operations in that area. On top of all that, I learned the Number 1 Rule of Work Travel, which is that one must never eat at Chinese restaurants in small towns. If one must - due to extreme colleague peer pressure or severe lack of alternatives - one must not order Chinese food. Chinese restaurants in small towns will almost certainly have Western options. One shall get a burger or pasta. Trust.

FIFA World Cup - Okay, tell me this, how are you getting things done during the World Cup? How is anyone getting anything done? All I want to do in my free time is watch the World Cup. In Vancouver the first round of matches were at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm, and the Quarter-finals will be 9am and 1pm. My lunch hours, my evenings (to watch replays) and my weekends have been full of soccer viewing, and I love it. Two things about this World Cup: 1. Awesome kits. Great designs. I want them all. 2. Super impressive goal keepers. Looove.

Preppy Nautical Heaven aka. Tommy Hilfiger - I had the pleasure of picking out some pieces at the Tommy Hilfiger store in Richmond, and I was in preppy and nautical heaven. Their pieces are so ivy league and I feel so proper even in some of their casual pieces. Of course I chose a classic polo in my favorite print, stripes, worn in this post, and also some classic white and navy pieces plus a fun pair of lace up sneaker espadrilles. How great is my lobster bag? I've been toting it around everywhere. Thanks Tommy Hilfiger!

Back to regular programmed blogging schedule - Apologies for the lack of posts lately. Now that there is less FIFA there shall be  more blogging.

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