Make Your Own Egg McMuffin

by Jenny Liu in

Look! It's an Egg McMuffin maker!

I think this is pretty awesome because my frying pan is big so my fried eggs are always too big for the muffin. I wonder how easy it is to clean. It only makes one though, which is so lame, because it'd take so much work to make a second one. No need to worry, because look! A two-Egg-McMuffin maker!

This is the most romantic breakfast appliance ever, because you can make one for yourself and one for your significant other. If he or she is not around, then you can have two all for yourself. No need to even scramble eggs. I really want one!

Buy the single one here and the double one here. The reviews are pretty positive! Read another review here.

Price: approx. $50 US for the single and $100 US for the double